Thursday, November 12, 2009


Continuing with game birds it's on to Pheasant.

A native to China..they were brought to Europe and prized for their exotic beauty and tasty meat.
The right to shoot them in Britain was reserved to the upper class.
They like eating bugs and seeds.. but foxes and raccoons like to eat them.

The boys are the ones with the beautiful looks!

One of the more mild game birds, there's so much you can do with pheasant..

It can be a little tough depending on its age, and like all game it's going to be lean. SO introducing fat (especially to the breast) is something you should consider.

You can roast them or braise them.. make a soup, salad, or terrine!
Get a pheasant from a hunting friend (just watch out for the bullet.. ouch!) or go to a specialty food store or buy online!

oh- rumor says that Yankee Doodle put a Pheasant feather in his hat and called it Macaroni!

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