Monday, November 26, 2012

Farming and Weaving and Milking

Last year I met a wonderful woman who, when asked what she did for a living said.. "I'm a weaver"

Not many people can say that..
When she invited me to a weaving retreat in Maine I didn't think twice.

I'd never touched a loom, never picked up knitting needles, I once crocheted when I was a little girl.
Pretty much zero experience with fiber.

But being able to spend time on a working dairy farm in beautiful Maine couldn't be passed up.

The retreat was held at Nezinscot Farm, in Turner Maine.
An amazing place, run by an equally amazing family.

In addition to providing organic dairy the farm produces cheese, vegetables, fiber from various animals, meat, herbal products.. and the best part: the Farm Store.

At the store they bake, cook, and can.
If you ever find yourself in Maine take the time to stop by to see Gloria and her wonderful family.
Here's the link to the farm - Nezinscot Farm

some photos I took: