Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Save some Salmon

I recently went to hear Paul Greenberg speak, author of Four Fish, a NYT bestseller.

The lecture was held at The Explorers Club on the Upper East Side, which was sort of like stepping into a childlike fantasy, a Tudor style mansion outfitted with oak panelled walls, naturally.

But the stuffed Polar Bear, Elephant Tusks, and gigantic vintage globe really added to the euphoria.. if you have the opportunity, Go!

But to the important stuff.. Fish!!

Specifically Salmon..
(most of what we eat in this country is farmed)

The largest remaining Wild Salmon habitat on Earth is close to becoming no more!
Millions of sockeye, Chinook, chum, coho and pink salmon return from the sea to their spawning grounds in the pristine waters of Bristol Bay each year.

Sadly it may become the home to Pebble Mine, which would be the largest open-pit mine in America.
Help out Bristol Bay by going to SaveBristolBay

Also locally try to always buy Sockeye Salmon, which more than likely is fished from the Bristol Bay. Lets save some Salmon!