Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Partridge in a Pear Tree

I just taught a Turkey 101 class and I'm feelin' the holiday spirit..
So for the last of my game bird posts I thought I'd finish with a holiday bird we sing about, but more than likely have never tasted.

What's this business about a bird in a pear tree?
Well.. the partridge in the pear tree refers to the one and only..
Jesus Christ.

Right... well let's talk about eating it.
So as I've said in every game bird post, darker lean meat means roasting with an introduction of some sort of fat.
Bacon is a given but try getting caul fat from your butcher and wrapping it around the bird before you roast it.

Last year I made Partridge Paprikash using the same method as chicken, it was great! In fact this is a good stewing bird.

I'm off to central Wisconsin in the morning to go deer hunting!
First time, little scary.. I'll report back.

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