Friday, September 25, 2009


Last week I had a lovely table in the restaurant... they ordered a great meal with all my favorites from the current menu.
They were super pleasant, had a great bottle of wine, informed us that they were visiting from Canada and then....
Asked if we had any recommendations of butchers in the city that sell Horse Meat!!

I was taken totally off guard and felt like I did something wrong just by hearing the question!
We informed the sweet couple that we don't eat our horses in this country...
To which they responded .. "Oh its such a delicious, sweet tasting meat"

The whole experience got me thinking and researching.
I was positive that it was illegal but upon investigation I was wrong!
It's perfectly legal to eat horse meat in America.

In fact people have been eating horses forever! All over Europe, Asia, and South America.
The taboos with horse meat range from it being a poor peoples food to the close connection most humans have with the animals.

Here's a great story I found on how horses are thought of..treated.. and eaten in Kazakhstan.. It talks about ages of slaughter and cuts of meat.

I've never eaten horse meat.. its definitely a foreign idea to me.. But when in a country that eats horse.. eat horse?


  1. Only after I finished the excellent, peppery steak at my french exchange family's table did they tell me it was horse meat. I was stunned, but it was also too late for regrets. Besides, it was very delicious.

  2. i came upon this article totally by accident, but i am compelled to leave a comment. if you think about the anatomy of a horse, they are incredibly difficult to kill in a humane manner. they have very strong necks, relatively small heads, they have eyes that can see virtually anything around them, not to mention that they are very intelligent and very very flighty, especially when under stress. i guses i cannot condone the eating of horse meat for these reasons. yes, i am a vegetarian.