Thursday, September 3, 2009

A Butcher's What?!

My father is a butcher from Eastern Europe.
I grew up with a LOT of meat! As well as a respect for the animals we eat.

This blog is all about reconnecting us to our food.
Learning more about our animals from where they live, what they eat, their inevitable death, and all the ways we enjoy them and ultimately respect them…


  1. The pigs we raise in NJ are from Eastern Europe called the mangalitsa. Ever hear of them? Check out our site for photos, they are wonderful for cured products due to the high fat content.

  2. My husband and I are all about reconnecting us to our food ( You've got it so right! I will follow your blog with interest. Will you be posting any recipes of sausages, salamis etc etc? Just this weekend, we've been discussing smallgoods and that we should make our own (from the animals my husband has hunted), as we don't like the ingredients and/or fillers in the majority of commercial products. We have no experience and would really appreciate any input (or a book you'd recommend.....).
    Anyway, enjoy blogging, we do and you never know who you'll reach =)