Thursday, March 4, 2010

Cao Lau!

When in Hoi An you must try this local dish.
A specialty known by the Vietnamese to only be found in this small town.


First and most important the Water.
It comes from old wells around the city dug up by the Cham people hundreds of years ago and it's said that this simple ingredient is the source for the unique taste.
(I guess its goes along with that whole, water makes the bagels in NYC!)

Next the Lye used to make the make the noodles come from the ashes of trees indigenous to Hoi An.

And finally the Rice is a local variety.

So what is Cao Lau?

Simply put.. thick rice noodles and beautiful roasted Pork in a pungent Pork broth garnished with Mint, Lettuce, Cilantro and topped off with thinly fried Pork skin.

We decided to head out of the city center and follow all the motor bike drivers to the front of someone's house to eat this.
So simple, so good.