Monday, February 8, 2010

!? Veal Goat ?!

or Cabrito...

A friend sent this description over from a processing plant close to Los Angeles..
Cabrito are very small goats, veal goat. They are not much bigger than a rabbit 4-7 pounds dressed. They are cleaned for people, but great for the dogs as well.

yikes! I thought I would clear up a few things.
First they are young kid goats.. only 1 to 3 months in age.

Second, since they are still milk fed they are sometimes referred to as Veal Goats.

And lastly Cabrito is a Spanish word that refers to the dish of roasted young kid goat.
But overtime we have used the word to refer to any dish (roasted, stewed, or braised) using this young animal.

oh and Monterrey, Mexico is usually thought of as the headquarters of cabrito!

Why are little mini things always so cute..animals, hamburgers, golf..

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