Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Its a Cake! Its a Sandwich!

It's full of meaty goodness.. It's a Smörgåstårta!

Another reason to visit Sweden soon..
I saw one of these sandwich cakes at a party a long time ago
and always wondered where they originated.
And finally I've found out.

Here's the deal-
You take a loaf of bread cut it the long way, and layer fillings like a cake.

These fillings can be:
Shrimp Salad
Egg Salad
Cold Cuts
Chicken Salad
Insert whatever else you like to put on a sandwich..

And then frost it with Mayonnaise!!

Make it look appetizing by decorating it with olives, cucumbers, cheese, gherkins, tomatoes, radish, or any pretty vegetable.

Like a cake it looks to good to eat!

I'll be trying my hand at one soon..
will be sure to post some photos.


  1. Totally MY KIND of Birthday Cake!!

  2. i've also seen these in american cookbooks from the 50's and have tried researching the connection but have yet to come across anything.