Monday, January 11, 2010

Choose It.

Here's the deal with USDA Beef stamps and grades.
It can be confusing...and you can end up buying the wrong grade.

USDA Prime
Best grade. This meat comes from young well fed cattle with lots of marbling. Mostly sold to restaurants. These cuts are usually cooked under hot direct heat.

USDA Choice
Also a good grade.. these cuts have less marbling than prime grades.
But are still good for quick cooking and also include braised cuts.
Most common grade found in supermarkets.

USDA Select
These cuts tend to be leaner.. with much less marbling.
Most of what you find under this grade will have to be braised.
Also found in retail stores.

The last two grades are "Standard and Commercial" which are sold as "store brand" meats..and "Utility, Cutter, Canner" used for ground beef, or processed products.

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