Monday, January 18, 2010

Canard Au Sang .. or Pressed Duck

A traditional French dish made famous by the Tour d'Argent restaurant in Paris. Sadly very rare to find in America.. I know that a press exists at Daniel, unfortunately the dish is not on the menu.

It begins with a young duck which is strangled, to keep as much blood as possible. The duck is roasted.. and then the delicacy begins.

A Maitre'd pushes a clothed cart to your table holding the ornate press and begins by carving out the breasts (taking out the liver), and sending the legs back to the kitchen for the next course.

Everything else left on the carving board is thrust into the press and crushed!
The marrow, blood, and juices come running out of the press.
These are cooked table side with the addition of cognac (sometimes port or madiera), butter, and occasionally the liver to thicken.

The result is said to be "the height of elegance"
This decadent sauce is showered atop the breasts and enjoyed!

It may help to just watch it!

VoilĂ !
If anyone finds a place in NYC that does this...
Let's go to dinner!


  1. At Daniel, it is an off-the-menu item that you have to request weeks in advance when you make your reservation


    It was on Food Network on Sep 5th on "The Best thing I ever ate" Episode EV0312

    This looks like the most amazing thing to eat, ever! I wish I could join you for dinner.

  3. Check out this amazing video of the recipe prepared by a professional chef!