Wednesday, October 21, 2009

RIP Elroy

Today I opened my inbox and received a message from a dear friend writing to tell me that Elroy (mate to Big Pink) had passed.

"I greet you with some sad news. Our benevolent King, the Almighty Elroy, Boar upon High, has passed. He was sick for some time, and has gone to Valhalla, where he now gets to roots in lush pastures and stinky, muddy wallows. In the end, it was his greatest asset that did him in. Some sort of trauma to his testicles led to an infection that was his undoing. He was peaceful in the end, brave and composed and dignified.

It is not the end we would have envisioned for our Farm hero. There were no curing bacchanals or funeral pyres. But I give you this photo, so that you might hold his legacy close to your heart, and possibly your fork."

Elroy and his offspring photo courtesy of Farmer Jake

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